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Religious Liberty

Scottish Government amend controversial Hate Crime Bill, following free speech row

25 September 2020

The Scottish Government are planning to make amendments to its controversial Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill, which caused a heated debate around freedom of speech.

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Strong support for NI gambling industry regulator in NI

24 September 2020

A consultation on the gambling industry in Northern Ireland has shown 'strong support' for the creation of an independent gambling regulator, according to a Committee meeting yesterday in the Assembly.

Online Safety
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Online safety to become part of school curriculum

24 September 2020

New RSE guidance has introduced online safety onto the school curriculum, including for children in primary school.

Religious Liberty
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Council call for greater protection on places of worship in NI, CARE NI research quoted

24 September 2020

This week, Lisburn and Castlereagh Council passed a motion highlighting CARE NI's research on attacks on places of worship in Northern Ireland.

Online Safety

Parents say online safety should be compulsory part of school curriculum, poll reveals

23 September 2020

A recent survey from the Republic of Ireland has found that parents believe online safety should begin in the classroom, and should be part of the school curriculum.

Gambling 0

PM sees gambling as people being exploited’ and will oversee review

22 September 2020

Recent reports suggest the Prime Minister and his closest advisers will spearhead reform of gambling legislation in England and Wales.

Assisted Suicide
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Euthanasia figures set to double in the Netherlands within eight years

16 September 2020

The number of euthanasia cases will likely double in the Netherlands in the next eight years, according to the head of a euthanasia centre.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation
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Consultation launched with aim to tackle demand for prostitution in Scotland

15 September 2020

The Scottish Government have launched a consultation looking at ways to tackle demand for prostitution.

Assisted Suicide
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MPs urged to champion care and not be naïve about the threat of assisted suicide

11 September 2020

On Thursday evening, MPs from across the UK were warned of the danger of changing the law on assisted suicide, and the message it sends to those who are vulnerable in our…

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