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What’s wrong with the Assisted Dying Bill?


Professor John Wyatt examines the Assisted Dying Bill in the House of Lords, looking at the underlying thinking behind it and all the problems with it.

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Assisted Suicide
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BMA goes neutral’ on assisted suicide

14 September 2021

The British Medical Association has moved to a position of 'neutrality' on assisted suicide, following an extremely close vote today.

Assisted Suicide
Neonbrand 7ttdo Sq Hlr I unsplash

Assisted suicide Bill at Westminster will likely be debated in weeks

10 September 2021

A new assisted suicide Bill in the House of Lords will almost certainly have its Second Reading—its first proper debate—in six weeks, on Friday 22nd October.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation
Prostitution 1 kr

Campaign to criminalise purchase of sex launches in Scotland

6 September 2021

A new campaign involving sex trade survivors and members of frontline services is calling on the Scottish Government to introduce the so-called ‘Nordic Model’, which criminalises the purchase of sex.

Online Safety
Eric ward ak T1bnnu M Mk unsplash

Shocking rise in sex abuse between children shows human cost of government inaction

6 September 2021

Press release: for immediate release, Monday 6 September 2021

Abortion 0 1w

Texas enacts ground-breaking heartbeat abortion law

1 September 2021

A new law preventing abortion after a foetal heartbeat has been detected has been ushered into law in Texas in a move being celebrated by pro-life campaigners.

Assisted Suicide
Assisted suicide photo 5

Ethicist warns of slippery slope’ in Canada euthanasia law

1 September 2021

Canada’s assisted suicide and euthanasia laws have quickly been expanded to allow the killing of people with disabilities and mental health conditions, an ethicist has said, in a warning to the UK.

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