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Family of three

MPs to debate “anti-family” tax system today

16th Jan 2019
Rachael Adams

Today (16 January) MPs will use a Westminster Hall debate to urge the Government to make the tax-system fairer for families by reducing the crippling tax burden families’ face.

Gambling machines

Bishop to quiz Government over alarming rise of child gamblers

15th Jan 2019
Rachael Adams

Today at 2.30pm in the House of Lords the Bishop of St Albans, the Rt Rev Alan Smith, is to ask the Government what assessment they have made of the prevalence of gambling among children and young people.

fearfully and wonderfully made

New campaign launched to celebrate value of life

14th Jan 2019
Rachael Adams

A leading public policy charity in Northern Ireland is launching a brand new campaign today celebrating the value of every human life.


Govt moves to consult on mandatory folic acid addition to flour to decrease birth defects

11th Jan 2019
Rachael Adams

This week in the House of Lords the Government confirmed they will be launching a  UK-wide consultation on the mandatory fortification of flour with folic acid to prevent serious birth defects, but did not give a specific launch date.


Please take a stand for Christian free speech

11th Jan 2019
Rachael Adams

Today, CARE has published its guide to help supporters respond to the Government’s consultation on extremism in England and Wales.

pregnancy test

Government approves home-use of abortion pill

11th Jan 2019
Rachael Adams

Despite claiming to hold a position of neutrality on abortion, the Department of Health & Social Care made the requisite authorisations on 27 December to allow the home-use of the medical abortion pill, misoprostol, in England.