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Northern Ireland Assembly rejects abortion to birth for all non-fatal disabilities

2 June 2020

The Northern Ireland Assembly this evening voted in favour of a DUP motion rejecting the imposition of abortion legislation which extends to abortion up to birth for all non-fatal disabilities, including Down’s…

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Pray for MLAs ahead of debate on abortion motion at the Assembly tonight

2 June 2020

This evening, members of the Northern Ireland Assembly (MLAs) will debate a motion rejecting abortion to birth for all non-fatal disabilities. The motion reads as follows:

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How CARE helped to address gambling related harms

2 June 2020

One of the issues CARE has campaigned on is the issue of gambling related harm. Across the nation, hundreds of thousands of people gamble on a regular basis and for some, it…

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New normal’ must include crack down on online gambling

29 May 2020

Measures introduced to help curb online gambling harms during the coronavirus lockdown must carry on as the UK enters the ‘new normal’, according to the Gambling Health Alliance (GHA).

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Police investigate DIY’ abortion after 28-week-old baby dies

27 May 2020

An unborn baby has died at just 28 weeks after its mother took abortion pills at home, prompting a police investigation.

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Mum of baby with Down’s syndrome joins campaign to end abortion up to birth for serious disabilities

26 May 2020

A mother who’s son has Down’s syndrome has joined the campaign to end abortion for serious disabilities up to birth.

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New Bill seeks ban on abortions for minor disabilities

26 May 2020

This weekend a cross-party group of MPs from the three largest parties in Parliament launched a new Bill which seeks an end to late terminations on the grounds that an unborn baby…

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Scottish Parliament

Former SNP deputy leader issues warning over new hate crime laws

22 May 2020

The Scottish Government’s controversial new hate crime laws have been heavily criticised by a former Deputy Leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP).

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School asks 11 year old students to define pornography

22 May 2020

Archbishop Sentamu Academy in Hull has been forced to apologise after giving their year 7, 8 and 9 students homework that asked them to define hardcore pornography.

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