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Tom Kendall

Tom Kendall is the Strategic Assistant to the CEO, having previously co-ordinated the UCCF Politics Network.

Pieces by Tom Kendall

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Fixing Politics – the Labour Government’s biggest task

12 July 2024

The country has voted for change. After fourteen years of Conservative government, the UK decisively broke with the outcome of the past four elections and opted for change. Labour, having made change…

Marriage and Family
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Why the reaction to the sex education ban betrayed our political immaturity

17 May 2024

Politics has a politics problem. It is a striking feature of contemporary British politics that the political establishment is quite so regularly aghast to see ‘politics’ taking place. Or to put it…

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The doomsters are winning. We must be different.

19 April 2024

The doomsters seem to be winning. If the world is split into two types of people, as we commonly like to joke, then it’s those who see their glass as half empty…

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What’s wrong with our economy?

8 March 2024

As the clock counts down towards this year's election, all eyes turned this week to the announcement of the latest budget, to see whether the Tories had anything up their sleeves that…

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The death of democracy?

2 February 2024

Are we watching the death of democracy?

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The World at War

19 January 2024

It is hard to shake the sense that the world is increasingly in turmoil.

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What the immigration debate reveals about the foundations of our society

1 December 2023

It’s never too far away from the headlines, but the past week has seen the political ding-dong about immigration return to the fore on your favourite news-sources. Three rather high-profile events all…

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The Cenotaph and the Culture Wars

10 November 2023

Jesus once said: “Every city or house divided against itself will not stand” (Matthew 12:26).

Freedom of Speech
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The difficulty with free speech

29 September 2023

This week we were once again prompted to ask, “how much is too much?” thanks to Laurence Fox and GB News presenter Dan Wootton. Fox, who is no stranger to making headlines…