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Lords bid to make DIY abortion permanent

17 March 2022
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Members of the House of Lords have backed an amendment to make controversial DIY abortion rules permanent in England and Wales.

Late last night, Peers backed a change to the government's Health and Care Bill by Baroness Sugg by 75 votes to 35. It would amend the Abortion Act 1967 to give women a right to medical abortions at home.

Doctors issued a strong warning against home abortions in a letter to political leaders this week, saying they increase the risk of harm to women, as well as coercion by abusive men.

Responding to the vote this morning Alithea Williams, Public Policy Manager at the pro-life charity SPUC, said:

“It is very disappointing that a Healthcare bill has been hijacked to promote something that is not healthcare by any definition. Instead, it is a way to end the lives of unborn children that bypasses even the few safeguards for women that the abortion law provides.

“It also ignores the evidence that 10,000 women have needed further hospital treatment after accessing this 'service'. The Government made the right decision to end this policy after listening to the evidence, including the overwhelming results of the public consultation."

The amendment will now be considered in the House of Commons along with other changes to the Health and Care Bill made in the Lords. Ms Williams added:

“We call on MPs to reject this when it reaches the Commons, and will be lobbying to that effect. The DIY home abortion scheme has inflicted untold damage to countless mothers and their babies. It should be consigned to history, where it belongs.”

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