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In any pregnancy, both the woman and preborn baby have inherent value and dignity, by virtue of being made in the image of God. CARE is passionately pro-woman and pro-life: we advocate for both lives in a pregnancy to be protected and for a society where women are genuinely supported.

We believe there is a better way than abortion – a way that truly supports women in unplanned pregnancies, defends those who are vulnerable and have no voice, and is life-giving to preborn babies. For the last 40 years, we have strived to tell that story and uphold the value of life in our society.

Together we can work for a culture where both women and babies flourish – where all life is valued from conception and women are protected from the harm of abortion.

Topic primer

Abortion is an issue we care deeply about. We want to work for a society where abortion is unthinkable, and women and babies are protected.

Abortion not only ends the life of a person, but it also does not lead to a society where women truly flourish.

Firstly, abortion denies preborn babies the right to life and a future.

The Bible shows us how God forms human beings inside a mother’s womb (Psalm 139: 13-16) and he knows us before we are born (Galatians 1:15). Human life is precious to God (Isaiah 43:1-2) and we must act to protect and defend it.

This is why CARE upholds the value of the lives of all human beings from conception. We acknowledge that preborn babies are people, with the human dignity the rest of us all enjoy, and we advocate for greater protection for them in legislation.

Secondly, we strongly believe women are not empowered by being told that they need to seek a termination in order to achieve equality with men.

Instead, we should create a society where women in unplanned pregnancies receive all the support they need. They should be able to work, pursue their education and career, and have emotional and practical help. An abortion culture does not actually achieve greater equality for women – it entrenches these inequalities and leaves women to cope alone.

CARE has always advocated for women as well as babies. For many years we provided counselling services to women before and after abortions, and continue that work through our ministry, Open, which provides training for church pastors and post-abortion healing retreats. We want to be there for women in every scenario. Both anecdotal and academic research shows us that abortion can be considerably harmful for women and their mental health, and we seek to protect women from such harm and to advocate for their protection by a shift in the law.

We can respond uniquely to our mandate to uphold the value of human life as Christians. We can call on our elected representatives to offer services that provide greater support to pregnant women and families, to address the root causes of abortion, and to protect the lives of preborn babies.

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Alice Paul
Abor­tion is the ulti­mate exploit­a­tion of women
Alice Paul Suffragist & women's rights activist

The arguments


The arguments for abortion.

1. Women have a moral right to decide what to do with their own bodies.

2. If abortion is illegal, it drives women to dangerous backstreet abortions.

3. A pre-born fetus only has moral agency when it’s outside the womb.


The arguments against abortion.

1. The right to life is the oldest and most important right there is. It applies equally to the mother and to the pre-born baby.

2. Life begins at conception.

3. Abortion involves the taking of a life and the baby is denied a choice.

4. There are alternatives to abortion, such as adoption and fostering.

CARE's perspective.

Abortion is ultimately about rights, personhood, equality, and choice. It is a moral issue. Every abortion involves the taking of a life.

At CARE, our starting point is the word of God. From the very beginning of the bible, God declares that human beings are His image-bearers.

This means many things, but chiefly it suggests that human beings have a dignity and honour that is not given to anything else in the created order.

Moreover, God Himself, in the Person of the Eternal Son, Jesus Christ, became fully human, entered the womb of Mary as an embryo, developed and was born and then grew through puberty to full adulthood.

Nothing dignifies humanity more than the incarnation. God became man! If God is willing to do that, how precious life must be.

Then you read Psalm 139 where we are told that humans are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’. Psalm 8 says humans have been made a little lower than the angels (in some translations, than God himself!).

You also read that it is wrong to murder (Exodus 20:9). There’s also the reaction of baby John when Mary visits his mum, Elizabeth. Though still in the womb, John leaps for joy. Clearly, the bible attaches personhood to a preborn baby.

For these reasons (and there are more) we conclude that life begins at conception. That you do not come from an embryo. You are an embryo and develop into a baby. At all points, you are human. Since it is wrong to take innocent life intentionally, it is wrong to abort.

At CARE we also recognise that in every pregnancy, both lives matter.

It’s not enough to simply oppose abortion, we want to also recognise that every woman who experiences a crisis pregnancy is also an image bearer of God.

We do not believe abortion is in the best interests of the mother and sadly, many women who’ve had an abortion carry grief and guilt as a result.

There are real alternatives to abortion – including adoption – but it’s not always the case that women are made fully aware of these options.

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Dollarphotoclub 64979144 LR

Open: providing post-abortion support within churches.

OPEN is an initiative of CARE. It aims to create an environment within churches where unintended pregnancy and post abortion concerns can
be shared with grace and compassionate understanding.

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John Wyatt
Abor­tion has become a highly polar­ised and tox­ic issue in our soci­ety… but I believe that when we try to enter this battle­ground, our Chris­ti­an task is first to listen and to under­stand, to empath­ise. Only in this way are we going to be able to speak with integ­rity, with authen­ti­city and with compassion.
John Wyatt Emeritus Professor of Neonatal Paediatrics at University College London


Here are a range of resources to help you dig deeper on the issue of abortion.

In Depth

In Depth


We believe that in every civilised society we should hold open and respectful debate: seeking first, to listen and understand the views of others, and second, to form sound, logical arguments to defend our own. In this series we examine various aspects of the abortion debate.

6 things the abor­tion lob­by won’t tell you about decrim­i­nal­i­sa­tion

6 things the abor­tion lob­by won’t tell you about decriminalisation

by Naomi Marsden

Naomi Marsden explores some of the claims perpetuated by those who seek a radical overhaul of the UK's abortion laws, and the wide-reaching effects decriminalisation will have on all pregnant women and the legal status of preborn babies.

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CARE Response to Buffer Zone Bill (Scotland)

CARE Response to Buf­fer Zone Bill (Scot­land)

CARE for Scotland responds to the proposed Abortion Services (Safer Access Zones) (Scotland) Bill.

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10 Ways to Pray for Life

10 Ways to Pray for Life

At CARE, we care deeply about both women undergoing pregnancy and about the babies in the womb. We hope this prayer resource will bless you and equip you to express to God what is on your heart.

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10 essential pro life resources

10 essen­tial pro life resources


Want to engage in a loving and logical manner on the issue of abortion? Keen to equip yourself better on the Christian response to ethical issues like assisted suicide? Here are ten resources that will help you.

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Pro-choice tweet reveals truth about abortion debate

Pro-choice tweet reveals truth about abor­tion debate


When those with pro-choice beliefs are intellectually honest, a real conversation about abortion can begin, says CARE's Naomi Marsden.

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Recent abortion news

Abortion concerns 5

Abortions in NI up 25% in 12 months

The number of abortions in Northern Ireland has increased by almost 25% in the past year, according to new statistics from the Department of Health (DoH).

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Scottish Parliament 17

Buffer Zones around abortion clinics introduced in Scotland

Pregnant pregnancy ultrasound scan baby woman

MPs debate positive and negative changes to abortion law in England and Wales

Pro life vigil

Scotland: Buffer Zone Bill passes Stage 1

Pro life vigil

'Buffer zones' bill backed by Holyrood committee


Carla Lockhart
I want a soci­ety in North­ern Ire­land that val­ues life, and I want to see ser­vices that will help women choose life. We want to see a peri­nat­al pal­li­at­ive care centre, a mater­nal men­tal health unit and bet­ter child­care ser­vices, and that is my ask of this Gov­ern­ment. Help us cre­ate a cul­ture of choos­ing life
Carla Lockhart MLA
Take action

You can make a difference today.

Together we can make a difference shaping our culture and society. Here are three things you can do right now…


Join us in praying for Christians to be courageous, wise and compassionate in defending women and preborn babies. We have suggested several prayer points to help you pray.

Pray now

Contact your MP.

Ask your MP to reject amendments to the Criminal Justice Bill that could lead to the decriminalisation of abortion.

Email MP

Here's the truth about the 'decriminalisation' of abortion.

Read our long read on what 'decriminalisation' of abortion will really mean.

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