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Stuart Weir

Pieces by Stuart Weir

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Learning to be human

9 June 2022

Being human is a wonderfully complex phenomenon. Developmentally fragile in our ante-natal stage and yet able to survive against many odds in our amniotic sacks, those of us granted the opportunity to…

Religious Liberty

Hate Crime Bill: a proper debate with some extraordinary contributions

11 March 2021

Please note: the Hate Crime Bill passed 82-32

Commercial Sexual Exploitation
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Has The Time Come To Make Buying Sex In Scotland Illegal?

4 December 2020

There was a momentous moment in the Spring of 2017 in Aberdeen. Nobody really expected it. Not really. When Ash Denham MSP tabled a motion for SNP party conference on a Scottish…

Religious Liberty
Humza Yousaf MSP

Hate Crime Bill: What’s Happened So Far?

1 December 2020

Where are we at with the Scottish Government’s highly controversial Hate Crime bill? There’s so much going on before Christmas, not only in our lives, but in the parliamentary timetable that I…

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Let’s Go Back to Work

8 April 2020

Sometimes as I look out of my window and wonder how bad this virus actually is. Sometimes I think for a second, “can I not just get back to work as per…

Coronavirus Resource Hub
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The World Has Changed

31 March 2020

The world has changed: there’s no arguing against the point.

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A New Politics in Scotland?

30 March 2020

We are in a new situation. COVID-19 has forced most of us to have to sit down and come to terms with time. But this is an opportunity of a strange kind,…

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Confusion during the Passion

24 March 2020

The situation in our society today has meant that this Lenten period has almost been eclipsed by people adjusting to a new way of being. As such our focus is on protecting…

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Only a Suffering God can Help

20 March 2020

Without a shadow of a doubt the God that Christians worship and follow is known for being in favour of the weakest people in his world. Jesus’ messianic manifesto, for example, includes:…

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A Clarion Call

4 November 2019

Society is breaking up. It’s become the norm these days. That it’s eroding so badly seems to move us to act no more. There has been so much decimation to family life…

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BLOG: Citizens of Heaven

7 October 2019

In a time when Roman expansion reached as far as the known world could go the assumption was that they had arrived. Romans believed that their Empire had civilised the entire world.…

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Idolising Ourselves – A Good Society

26 September 2019

Society is immersed in looking inward. It’s an addiction, an obsession that has become all-consuming. It’s the project of remaking ourselves.

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Private or Public Faith?

11 September 2019

With the gradual increase in secularisation, living a Christian faith in Scotland today is being squeezed. Secularists iterate that faith is to solely be a privately held matter and that it should…

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A Good Society: The Lure

4 September 2019

Without doubt gambling is one of those vices that has its deadly claws in the (future) lives of many. UK statistics revealed a few weeks ago show how despite gambling being illegal…

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Joining the Fray

19 August 2019

Brexit. Are you pulling your hair out over: the outcome of the vote from three years ago? Over the fact that the Brexiteers didn’t have any plans in place once the shock…