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Ross Hendry

Ross joined CARE as CEO in November 2021. Prior to this he was CEO at Spurgeons, one of the UK's largest children's charities and has previously worked in public policy and stood for election to Westminster in the 2005 General Election.

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Political defections: cynical opportunism or principled stands?

10 May 2024

Political defections can be like London buses. You wait ages for one, then two come along at the same time. Natalie Elphicke's defection this week was perhaps a greater shock than that…

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Toxicity of gender debate must not stop us speaking God’s truth

12 April 2024

“The media cannot control what you think but it can determine what you think about.” I was reminded of these helpful words by Justin Giboney, an evangelical leader working in the US…

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Kate Middleton, conspiracy theories, and lessons for an election year

22 March 2024

Earlier this week my wife was travelling on a train when she overheard an animated conversation about the Princess of Wales. A group of young women were speculating about her absence from…

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A £28bn mistake?

9 February 2024

The Labour Party’s timing this week was not great. It announced it was rolling back from a pledge to spend £28billion a year on green policies on the same day the EU's…

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How can we respond to the Post Office scandal as Christians?

12 January 2024

This week the two-decades-long Post Office scandal has exploded into our popular consciousness and rapidly risen to politicians’ attention. How we respond reflects our values and our ideals, as well as our…

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Looking back, looking forward: a Christmas message from our CEO

15 December 2023

Today sees Parliament rise for the holidays. Like many of us, I am sure many of our political leaders cannot wait for the break and the rest.

Covid Government

Responding to the Covid Inquiry

3 November 2023

It has been two years this week since I became Chief Executive of CARE. I have spent a disproportionate amount of that time defending the general decency of the large majority of…

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What should we make of the Conservative Party Conference?

6 October 2023

Over the years I have attended more than my fair share of political conferences. Last night I started counting how many, and I estimate that it will have been around 40.

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Porn age checks goal is in sight

20 September 2023

CARE's campaign for porn protection nears completion, writes Ross Hendry

Picture of a teacher and his class

Schools, the RAAC crisis and some concrete Biblical teaching

8 September 2023

Just over a week ago, news emerged that around 150 schools were at immediate risk of ceilings and walls collapsing, having been constructed with Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC).

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Why this Welshman, and Christian, admires the Lionesses

18 August 2023

Before giving up on me at this point – either because you don’t support the England team, or because you are not into football – allow me to explain myself. I have…

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What is a Christian housing policy?

28 July 2023

This week has seen several stories about housing. They have highlighted the relationship between the cost-of-living crisis and what many housing charities are seeing as a breakdown in the housing market, particularly…

Parliament Westminster

Parliament — a toxic environment?

7 July 2023

This week the youngest MP to be elected to Parliament in 350 years announced she would not be standing in the next election because the place was “toxic and poisonous”. According to…

Online Safety
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Tougher age checks for porn are welcome step

6 July 2023

The UK government recently announced that clauses in the Online Safety Bill requiring websites to verify the age of users accessing pornography will be strengthened. We are very grateful to ministers for…

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Power, politicians and TV presenters

2 June 2023

Philip Schofield, Holly Willoughby and This Morning do not seem an obvious starting point for the lead political story of the week. Indeed, it's fascinating that an entertainment story is so dominating…

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The King’s Coronation: to pledge or not to pledge?

5 May 2023

(Image courtesy of Chris Boland)

Freedom of Speech
Extinction rebellion protest joel de vriend B4co I Kuk55 I unsplash

How can we protest Christianly’?

21 April 2023

This weekend the London Marathon takes place under the threat of disruption by climate change activists and in the context of further protests by Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil. Both groups…

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Brexit, Covid and the Kate Forbes saga show society’s need for both truth and grace

3 March 2023

Three big stories have dominated politics this week. At the start of the week came news that Brexit might finally be done. The second half of the week saw the release of…


How has the PM done in his first 100 days?

3 February 2023

Yesterday, 2 February, marked 100 days since Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister. Much of the ground that he will contest up to the next election has now been set out.

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To strike or not to strike

16 December 2022

Every day this month seems to bring news of further industrial action, or strikes, by one group of workers or another. This week saw the largest walkout of nursing staff since the…

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Join us in praying for CARE’s work

24 November 2022

This week, CARE colleagues from England, Scotland and Northern Ireland gathered for a time of mutual encouragement and reflection on our work going forward.

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Seven tests for Jeremy Hunt’s Budget

18 November 2022

Yesterday the Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced his Autumn Statement – one we had all been told would be brutal and difficult to bear. He did so in the context of forecasts from…

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God’s big economic recovery plan!

4 November 2022

I’m not sure whether it is because I’m the CEO or because I’m a graduate of the London School of Economics, but I’ve drawn the short straw of trying to set our…

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The Lady is for Turning: how should we respond when politicians change their mind?

14 October 2022

Everyone is speculating about more U-turns in the new Government’s economic policy and the country is reeling at Kwasi Kwarteng's sacking as Chancellor. How should we respond to politicians who change course?

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The Queen: a life well lived

9 September 2022

Our CEO Ross Hendry reflects on a life of service, duty and joy, after the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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A Question of Leadership

8 July 2022

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about a man beckoned to power on the back of public demand for a charismatic leader who would stand out from the crowd, and get things…

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Gambling reform delay harms citizens

9 June 2022

This week, amid the turmoil of a vote of confidence in the Prime Minister, an important debate took place at Westminster. On Tuesday morning, MPs came together to scrutinise the idea of…

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Our politics needs Christlike leaders

7 June 2022

The Prime Minster won the ballot. He survived the no confidence vote. He lives to fight another day. “Down but not out” – neither out for the count nor, out of the…

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Pray concerning the vote of confidence

6 June 2022

The Prime Minister's future has been a matter of speculation for months. This morning has seen a conclusive step by Conservative MPs. A vote of confidence in the PM's leadership of his…

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What’s CARE achieved over the last parliamentary year?

6 May 2022

The current Westminster Parliamentary Session has now ended, and a Queen’s Speech, formally opening the new session of parliament, has been announced for 10 May. It’s a fantastic opportunity to take stock,…

Online Safety
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Link between porn and violence is clear as is the need for action

25 April 2022

This article first appeared in The Express, on 16 April 2022.

Marriage and Family
Man holding a jar of pennies with a 'savings' label on it

The Spring Statement is a moral document – it should matter to all of us

25 March 2022

This week saw the publication of the Spring Financial Statement – which is essentially a mini-budget. Rarely have the Chancellor’s words been more anticipated as we find ourselves in a ‘cost of…

Map of Ukraine with flag

Ukraine: how can we respond to the tragedy?

25 February 2022

I’m listening to the radio, reading the news websites, and scanning social media about Ukraine. With every hour comes news of more deaths and advancing Russian forces. My heart is breaking for…

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I’ seems to be the hardest word

4 February 2022

Elton John sang “sorry seems to be the hardest word” and many would say it’s the same for politicians. Yet this week has shown it is not sorry that’s the hardest word…

Religious Liberty
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Government consultation on Banning Conversion Therapy

21 January 2022

The Government’s consultation on Banning Conversion Therapy in England and Wales closes in the next two weeks. CARE will be responding formally to the published proposals and we encourage our supporters to…