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Ross Hendry

Ross joined CARE as CEO in November 2021. Prior to this he was CEO at Spurgeons, one of the UK's largest children's charities and has previously worked in public policy and stood for election to Westminster in the 2005 General Election.

Pieces by Ross Hendry

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What’s CARE achieved over the last parliamentary year?

6 May 2022

The current Westminster Parliamentary Session has now ended, and a Queen’s Speech, formally opening the new session of parliament, has been announced for 10 May. It’s a fantastic opportunity to take stock,…

Online Safety
Sarah Everard

Link between porn and violence is clear as is the need for action

25 April 2022

This article first appeared in The Express, on 16 April 2022.

Marriage and Family
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The Spring Statement is a moral document – it should matter to all of us

25 March 2022

This week saw the publication of the Spring Financial Statement – which is essentially a mini-budget. Rarely have the Chancellor’s words been more anticipated as we find ourselves in a ‘cost of…

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Ukraine: how can we respond to the tragedy?

25 February 2022

I’m listening to the radio, reading the news websites, and scanning social media about Ukraine. With every hour comes news of more deaths and advancing Russian forces. My heart is breaking for…

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I’ seems to be the hardest word

4 February 2022

Elton John sang “sorry seems to be the hardest word” and many would say it’s the same for politicians. Yet this week has shown it is not sorry that’s the hardest word…

Religious Liberty
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Government consultation on Banning Conversion Therapy

21 January 2022

The Government’s consultation on Banning Conversion Therapy in England and Wales closes in the next two weeks. CARE will be responding formally to the published proposals and we encourage our supporters to…