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Human Trafficking
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Human Trafficking
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CARE Joins Calls For Govt To Support Modern Slavery Victims

19 October 2020

The Sunday Times published a letter from a coalition of anti-trafficking charities, signed by CEO's and CARE's Nola Leach was among them.

Human Trafficking

Boris Johnson Promises To Respect Needs of Modern Slavery Victims

15 October 2020

Boris Johnson has promised to respect and uphold the rights of human trafficking victims.

Human Trafficking
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Peers vote 312 – 211 for Amendment To Protect Rights of Victims Post-Brexit

7 October 2020

Yesterday in the House of Lords, Peers voted 312-211 in favour of Lord McColl’s amendment which aims to safeguard the rights of victims in a post-Brexit Britain.

Human Trafficking
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Peer fights to protect modern slavery victims after Brexit

1 October 2020

As immigration rules change following Brexit, Peers are holding the Government to account to ensure they protect victims of modern slavery and help them to recover.

Human Trafficking
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Peers call on Government to protect victims of human trafficking after Brexit

8 September 2020

Yesterday, Members of the House of Lords asked the Government to confirm how rights for human trafficking victims will apply following the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Human Trafficking
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Al Capone Mafia State’: report shows local corruption covered up modern slavery in Leicester East

17 August 2020

More needs to be done to tackle the abuse of migrants by underground criminal networks, but a new report exposes how local corruption facilitated and ignored exploitation in Leicester East.


Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is one of the greatest violations of human dignity. We are fighting for effective laws that will help victims get better support.

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