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Asylum seeker given £3,000 to relocate to Rwanda

Human Trafficking
3 May 2024
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A failed asylum seeker has voluntarily relocated to Rwanda under a voluntary removals programme, receiving up to £3,000 as part of the arrangement.

This scheme, distinct from the controversial forced returns scheme, offers migrants who have had their asylum claims rejected financial support to help with resettlement.

The asylum seeker arrived in Rwanda on Tuesday, as confirmed by the Rwandan government. Kemi Badenoch, the Conservative Business Secretary, has argued that since the asylum seeker opted to travel to Rwanda, that therefore Rwanda is not as dangerous as critics have argued.

Labour has suggested it was a “desperate” move by ministers ahead of Thursday’s local elections.

Sir Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats said "They've had to pay someone £3,000. There's a suspicion out there that this is about an election - it's not about seriously stopping the boats … Liberal Democrats believe this scheme is extremely expensive and won't actually work”

Meanwhile the Rwanda Bill is set to kick into action this Summer, after the Rwandan government agreed to accept an initial 5,700 asylum seekers.

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