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Michael Veitch

Pieces by Michael Veitch

Assisted Suicide
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Scots Should Have Access To The Very Best End of Life Care

15 October 2021

The Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care have recently published a new report, Every Story’s Ending, which is a substantial and hugely informative new addition to the debate about how society cares for…

Assisted Suicide

Dangerous Assisted Suicide Bill Will Undermine True Care and Compassion

24 September 2021

Almost three months after announcing his attention to lodge an assisted suicide bill in the Scottish Parliament, Liam McArthur MSP has now published his proposals coupled with a public consultation. That proponents…

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Our MSPs need real wisdom so let’s pray urgently for them

7 September 2021

The Scottish Parliament is now back in business after the summer recess. It’s already been a hugely significant few weeks, with the Green Party joining the Government for the first time, and…

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Two Liams, Two Parliaments, Two Bills, Two Agendas.

30 June 2021

By a curious quirk, parliamentary arithmetic has created a situation whereby two Member's (that is, non-Government) Bills look set to be scrutinised by Westminster and Holyrood respectively, pioneered by veteran Scottish politicians,…

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Christians should reach out to MSPs following Scottish election

14 May 2021

Over the coming days, the newly elected Scottish Parliament shall begin to get back down to business, with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon back at the helm of Scottish politics.

Assisted Suicide
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During the pandemic, Scotland has sought to protect the vulnerable. Legalising assisted suicide would destroy this legacy.

30 March 2021

There appears to be a near universal consensus that it is only a matter of time before The Scottish Parliament revives attempts to introduce physician-assisted suicide in Scotland.