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James Mildred

James Mildred started working in politics in 2014. He moved to London to work for CARE that same year and also completed a two year church based training programme.

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US Supreme Court

Challenging abortion requires understanding factors behind it

6 May 2022

This week, a leaked document suggested the US Supreme Court will overturn Roe v Wade, the controversial 1973 ruling that made abortion a legal right.

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What’s the Queen’s Speech all about?

3 May 2022

The Westminster Parliament has been officially ‘prorogued’ which is an old-fashioned term that means its come to an end.

Assisted Suicide
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Do new suicide statistics really suggest we should legalise assisted suicide?

21 April 2022

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released new figures on suicides among people diagnosed with severe health conditions. The key finding is that there’s an elevated risk of suicide one year…

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What is the public square’?

12 April 2022

It’s one of those classic phrases that organisations and individuals throw around all the time. ‘Let’s be in the public square’, they’ll say. ‘Let’s make sure we’re speaking into the public square’.…

Online Safety

5 ways online porn harms your child

16 March 2022

As a new generation grows up in a digital age, it remains incredibly easy for digitally literate children to access online porn. This challenge has only worsened during the Covid-19 pandemic, as…

Religious Liberty
Scottish parliament

Q&A: The Gender Recognition Act and Self ID

16 March 2022

In Scotland, the government has introduced a Bill that aims to change how a person can legally change gender. It's already promoted a strong backlash from campaigners. But what's being proposed and…

Online Safety
Age verification phone

Parents and Grandparents welcome age checks for online porn

9 February 2022

On Safer Internet Day 2022, the UK Government said it would strengthen the Online Safety Bill to bring all pornographic websites into scope. A new legal requirement will mean porn sites will…

Downing St

Party Gate’: how can we respond?

14 January 2022

Standards in public life matter. Those who occupy positions of power and authority carry a greater weight of responsibility to uphold those standards. Both of these statements should be uncontroversial. But when…

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Discover 4 ways to engage with culture at a national level

26 November 2021

It’s the million-pound question. You’re in total agreement that Christians should engage with culture. But what you want to know is how? Here are four practical ways you can take action.…

Human Trafficking
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Nationality and Borders Bill: Firm but Not Fair.

17 November 2021

The UK Government has said that it’s new plan for Immigration which is now largely included in its Nationality and Borders Bill is ‘firm, but fair’.

9 7million

How can we respond to 54 years of the Abortion Act and 9.7 million abortions?

28 October 2021

When you work in public policy at CARE, you get used to dealing with huge numbers. Whether it’s the estimated number of confirmed modern slavery victims, or the numbers of people in…

Assisted Suicide
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Peers should reject the Assisted Dying Bill

18 October 2021

You can watch the Assisted Dying Debate on the Parliament website.

Assisted Suicide
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Another assisted suicide bill — here’s what you can do

24 May 2021

Another assisted suicide Bill has been brought forward in the House of Lords by Baroness Meacher. It aims to change the law to mean patients with months left to live and a…

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Should we extend the right to die’? A response to Peter Singer

9 April 2021

Pro euthanasia activist Peter Singer has written an article on extending ‘the right to die’. Citing countries like Canada, where assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia has been legal since 2016, and also…


The truth about Northern Ireland’s abortion law

22 January 2021

Last year, Westminster imposed new abortion laws on Northern Ireland, overturning the previous, life-protecting law and replacing it with laws even more extreme than in Great Britain.

Marriage and Family
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Here’s how Sir Keir Starmer can put families first

11 January 2021

Writing for the Sunday Telegraph, Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party, said he wanted Labour to 'be the party of the family'. He was sharply critical of the current…

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Will you stand with us in 2021?

22 December 2020

The work of CARE depends entirely upon the generosity of our incredible supporters. Our mission is to bring a significant Christian influence to laws and policies that impact all our lives. We…

Coronavirus Resource Hub
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Christmas isn’t really cancelled

21 December 2020

By now you’ll know the Government has changed the law on what we’re allowed to do over Christmas. For all of us, December 25 will feel very different. Even if you’re still…


Any Further Delays to the Review of Gambling Laws Will Cost Lives

1 December 2020

In its 2019 General Election Manifest, the Conservatives promised to hold a review of the 2005 Gambling Act. This would be the first step towards changing the law. The promise of a…


5 Reasons Christians Should Influence Governments

18 November 2020

Rightly understood, I think the Bible teaches us that Christians should aim for a significant influence on government. In recent months, the obvious engagement of churches with media and through open letters…

Marie Stopes House

Marie Stopes International Can Change Its Name, But It Can’t Erase The Past

17 November 2020

In the gospels, Jesus talked about how pointless it is to try and repair broken wine skins. His point was that the human heart needs something more radical than a superficial veneer…

Religious Liberty
Policeman 9

Prosecuted for what you say in your own home?

28 October 2020

The Scottish Government wants to prosecute you for what you say in the privacy of your own home. That's the logical conclusion after the Cabinet Secretary for Justice appeared before the Justice…

Assisted Suicide
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Euthanasia for children?

16 October 2020

Some of you might be able to stomach the idea of euthanasia for consenting adults. After all, an adult knows what he or she wants. And there’s the world of difference between…

Assisted Suicide
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What should we make of the British Medical Association Poll on Assisted Suicide?

13 October 2020

Last week, the British Medical Association (BMA) published the results of its poll of members’ views on assisted suicide. The survey was carried out in February this year and was conducted by…

Assisted Suicide
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MP’s four year’ prediction is a wake up call about assisted suicide

24 August 2020

“The exper­i­ence of death is going to get more and more pain­ful, con­trary to what many people believe. The forth­com­ing euthanas­ia will make it more rather than less pain­ful because it will…

Religious Liberty
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CARE’s View on the Scottish Hate Crime Bill

12 August 2020

There’s been considerable angst in Scotland over the Scottish Government’s new Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill. Introduced in the Parliament on 23rd of April, it’s been heavily criticised by lawyers,…

Newborn baby mother 1

No abortion amendments to the DAB and your help made all the difference

6 July 2020

It would be easy to miss the significance of what happened last night in the House of Commons in respect to the Domestic Abuse Bill. For one thing, a vital piece of…

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Watch CARE’s response as Westminster imposes abortion laws on Northern Ireland

19 June 2020

On Wednesday, MPs at Westminster voted for the UK Government's Northern Ireland Abortion Regulations by 253 to 136. It followed an earlier vote on Monday when Members of the House of Lords…

The CARE logo with backdrop of Big Ben and Westminster

Why is it important for Christians to engage in the public square?

10 June 2020

At CARE, we're passionate about seeing God's church confidently engaging in the public square.

National Marriage Week 2020
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How the coronavirus ruined my wedding

6 May 2020

Everything was going so well. We’d sorted out the venue, the caterers, the photographer and we’d booked the church for the service. We’d emailed invites to everyone (saving on paper costs and…

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52 years of the Abortion Act

29 April 2020

It might have just passed you by. It’s not as if the mainstream media would cover it. Not the sort of thing you’d expect to see on the 6 o’clock or 10…

Human Trafficking
Car wash modern slavery 6

Modern Slavery Act: five years on

26 March 2020

Today is the fifth anniversary of the Modern Slavery Act, a landmark piece of legislation which received Royal Assent on 26 March 2015.

Assisted Suicide
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Why the BMA should remain opposed to assisted suicide

11 February 2020

The British Medical Association (BMA) is currently consulting its members on the issue of assisted suicide and what the position of the BMA on the issue should be. The poll will close…

Assisted Suicide
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Understanding our opponents: what are the key arguments for assisted suicide?

28 October 2019

In any campaign, it is always important to properly understand the arguments advanced by those you oppose. In this three-part series, we’ll look at the main arguments put forward by advocates of…

Assisted Suicide
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Dutch Doctor case should scare us all

25 September 2019

In the Netherlands, debates about euthanasia have been going on since the 1970s. In 2002, euthanasia and physician assisted suicide were legalsied in specific circumstances. There’s been a few changes to the…

Commercial Sexual Exploitation
Prostitution 0 3r

Is the Scottish Government paving the way to make buying sex illegal?

5 September 2019

On Tuesday, the Scottish Government announced its Programme for Government where it sets out its legislative agenda for 2019/20.

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The threat to the value of life in NI has never been greater

8 August 2019

Unless the Northern Ireland Assembly is restored by 21 October 2019, an extreme abortion regime will be introduced in Northern Ireland, after MPs and Peers backed amendments which will introduce widespread access…

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A dark day for Northern Ireland on abortion

9 July 2019

Today MPs voted 332-99 in favour of an amendment which will radically alter Northern Ireland’s current law on abortion.

Assisted Suicide
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The risks of legalising assisted suicide are simply too great

4 July 2019

MPs will again debate assisted suicide today during a backbench business debate. The debate won’t change the law and there won’t be a vote, but it will provide an opportunity for the…