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Abortions in NI up 25% in 12 months

20 June 2024
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The number of abortions in Northern Ireland has increased by almost 25% in the past year, according to new statistics from the Department of Health (DoH).

Since the decriminalisation of abortion on October 22, 2019, and the subsequent legislation passed on March 31, 2020, Northern Ireland has seen a total of 5,497 abortions from 2020/21 to 2022/23.

The figures show a steady rise each year: 1,574 in 2020/21, 1,755 in 2021/22 (an 11.5% increase), and 2,168 in 2022/23 (a 23.5% increase).

Age Breakdown:

  • Under 18: 46 (2020/21), 54 (2021/22), 60 (2022/23)
  • 18-34: 1,149 (2020/21), 1,359 (2021/22), 1,663 (2022/23)
  • 35 and over: 362 (2020/21), 307 (2021/22), 409 (2022/23)

The Belfast Trust recorded the highest number of abortions in 2022/23 with 667, while the Western Trust had the fewest across the three years.

Most abortions were performed under Ground A (pregnancy not exceeding 11 weeks), with 96.2% in 2020/21, 97.8% in 2021/22, and 97.6% in 2022/23.

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