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New polling shows lack of support for abortion up to birth proposal

1 February 2024
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A recent poll conducted by Whitestone Insight, involving 2,011 participants across Britain, has revealed that only 16% oppose the current legal stance that prohibits abortions of healthy babies after 24 weeks, up to birth.

This finding indicates minimal public support for changes to the law that would allow self-administered abortions at any stage of pregnancy.

The polling comes amidst renewed debate following proposals by Labour MPs Diana Johnson and Stella Creasy to amend the Criminal Justice Bill.

Their initial amendments, aimed at decriminalising self-administered abortions throughout pregnancy, were withdrawn during the Committee stage but Johnson has since reintroduced her amendment for consideration at the Report stage.

Johnson's proposal, if passed, would effectively remove legal barriers to self-administered abortions at any point during pregnancy, by allowing women to use abortion pills without regulation.

This has raised concerns about the potential for deregulation of abortion, bypassing any future regulations set for abortion providers and undermining the integrity of abortion laws.

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