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Childcare costs named as a key reason behind abortions

21 February 2024
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A recent survey revealed that over half of the mothers who had abortions in the past year cited childcare costs as the primary reason for their decision.

Conducted by the charity Pregnant Then Screwed in partnership with Women In Data, the survey analysed responses from a representative sample of 5,870 parents out of 35,800 surveyed.

It found that 52.5% of these mothers agreed that the high cost of childcare was a decisive factor in choosing to terminate a pregnancy.

This figure shows a slight decrease from the 60.5% reported in a similar survey by the same charity in 2022, where 17.4% specifically highlighted childcare costs as the main reason for their abortion.

The survey further discovered that 85% of parents express concern over childcare expenses deterring them from having more children.

Joeli Brearley, CEO of Pregnant Then Screwed, highlighted the economic implications, pointing out the declining birth rate and the financial burden on families desiring more children.

“We’re running out of babies,” she said. “The birth rate is in decline. But parents who want to have more children cannot afford to do so. Being a parent is tough enough, but when having more children means sacrificing your income, procreation feels like financial suicide.”

She continues, “If we aren’t careful, becoming a parent will be a luxury item, and the economy can’t afford to pay that price”.

Catherine Robinson from Right To Life UK commented on the findings, emphasising the need for more support for women in this situation, “It is desperately sad that any woman feels that she cannot have her baby because of the cost of childcare”.

“What this indicates is that many women do not want to have abortions nor to have fewer children but, contrary to the pro-abortion mantra, they feel they have no choice but to have an abortion. What the women who have an abortion for this reason need is support. They don’t need abortion”.

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