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Isle of Man: assisted suicide bill passes second reading

Assisted Suicide
2 November 2023
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The Isle of Man moved a step closer to passing a dangerous assisted suicide law after the House of Keys voted through a bill which would let terminally ill, mentally competent adults choose an assisted suicide.

If it becomes law, it will apply only to residents of the Isle of Man who've lived there for at least a year.

The proposed law change would not only allow assisted suicide (where the patient is given lethal drugs to take, but the act of taking of them is done by the patient), it would also allow euthanasia (where the doctor will administer the lethal drug directly).

Following the debate, representatives voted 17-seven in favour of the law. There are further stages it now needs to pass before it becomes law.

Care Not Killing responded, saying it was a 'dangerous and ideological policy' and added 'by allowing the deliberate ending of human life with death row drugs, many vulnerable people will feel pressured into ending their lives.'

Across the rest of the UK, assisted suicide and euthanasia are illegal. Legislation is due to be brought forward in Scotland in the coming months to legalise assisted suicide. The First Minister, Humza Yousaf, has said he is opposed to this law change.

At Westminster, the Health and Social Care Committee is preparing a report on the current ban on assisted suicide following a public inquiry.

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Assisted Suicide

Where assisted suicide is legal, it makes vulnerable people feel like a burden. CARE works to uphold laws that protect those people, and to assist them to live—not to commit suicide.

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