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Transgender ideology movement is undermining free speech, report warns

Freedom of Speech
24 August 2023
Freedom of Speech

A report by the Institute of Economic Affairs has warned that the transgender ideology movement is undermining free speech.

The report identifies that trans rights activists have been successful in helping the public sector to adopt its own beliefs and language but has shut down debate in the process.

There are several accounts of individuals being forced from jobs, had speaking engagements cancelled, and charged with ‘non-crime hate incidents’ for holding opposing beliefs to the gender-affirming ideology.

“Many supporters of transgender ideology do not aim to win the debate, but rather prevent debate from occurring,” says Marc Glendinning, Head of Cultural Affairs at the Institute of Economic Affairs.

The think tank has warned that under a Labour government, hate crime laws could be further strengthened, with the potential for prosecutions for those accused of misgendering.

“Maintaining free speech… is essential if we are to defend a liberal society based on rationality rather than coercion.” Glendinning continues.

Labour backbencher Graham Stringer MP has backed the study. He has previously said that “many in the transgender debate follow the Humpty Dumpty tradition”, meaning that words mean whatever Humpty Dumpty chooses them to mean.

“Men become women and women become men via a simple declaration. If words can have any meaning debate becomes meaningless.

“You end up with authoritarianism, which is what transgender ideologues desire, with them in authority.”

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