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BPAS wants legal late term abortions

19 July 2022

Britain's leading abortion provider is vying for late term abortions on demand in the UK by challenging Crown Prosecution Service guidelines.

The group has signed a letter with dozens of other groups and individuals complaining that women who deliberately end their pregnancies past the point of viability can face prosecution.

The Times newspaper reports that the CPS “will consider the issues raised as a matter of urgency" and points to eleven cases where women were reported to the police in 2021.

In Great Britain, abortion is effectively legal on demand until 24 weeks and can only be carried out after this limit if it is thought a baby is disabled, or that a woman's life is at risk.

Campaigners are currently challenging the disability provision in the English courts, arguing that it sends a regressive message about the worth of disabled people.

A woman who deliberately procures an abortion after 24 weeks without fulfilling the legal criteria commits an offence, under the Offences against the Person Act.

Responding to the BPAS campaign, bioethicist Dr Calum Miller accused the organisation of seeking to evade scrutiny of its own failings during the coronavirus pandemic.

At the start of the pandemic, new rules were ushered in allowing women to access abortion pills by post. The new, lax rules led to women being prescribed pills past the 24 week mark.

In one tragic case, a women ingested abortion pills whilst 28 weeks pregnant, leading to her baby being delivered stillborn. BPAS has offered no remorse over the incident and others like it.

Commenting on Twitter earlier this afternoon, Dr Miller said:

"No surprise that BPAS want to remove all legal liability from themselves for negligently sending abortion pills to kill 7 month viable babies and force women to deliver them dead at home with no medical supervision."

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