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Scotland to hold 'abortion summit'

14 June 2022

The Scottish Government is to hold an "emergency summit on abortion" after pressure from campaigners to criminalise pro-life protesters.

A document seen by The Scotsman confirms that an event will take place on Monday 27 June, led by Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Various pro-abortion groups have been invited including Back Off Scotland, a new campaign advocating buffer zones around buildings where abortions take place.

The campaign argues that people who agitate against abortion within the immediate vicinity of hospitals and clinics should be charged with an offence.

Member's legislation brought forward by a Green MSP, Gillian Mackay, would see anti-abortion protesters face jail time for advocating outside these settings.

In May, a campaign group called Compassion Scotland was launched to oppose the buffer zones legislation from the Scottish Greens.

Spokesperson Hannah McNicol told The Guardian: “peaceful gatherings” did not amount to harassment and that it would be an “egregious breach of fundamental human rights” to prevent them.

“Women seek abortions for many reasons and can often be under immense pressure to do so – whether that be financial and employment pressures or coercion from a partner or family member", she said.

"The peaceful presence of volunteers signposting practical support and counsel has been a lifeline in the past to women who feel they have no choice but an abortion.”

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