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Aborted babies left in cupboard by BPAS

30 May 2022
Tipton BPAS clinic

The remains of aborted babies were left in a cupboard at a BPAS facility in the West Midlands, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has revealed.

According to the regulator, fetal remains were kept in a cupboard "at room temperature" at the facility in Tipton, for up to two weeks.

Responding to the report, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service failed to apologise, saying concerns have been "addressed".

BPAS has come under fire for multiple failures at its facilities in recent years, with concern it is putting women's lives at risk.

In 2019, an inspection of BPAS Merseyside by the Care Quality Commission found failures in maintaining safety standards.

The CQC found the service "did not consistently follow best practice when prescribing, giving, recording and storing medicines".

It also found out of date medicines being used and a controlled drug register not being accurately updated.

The local NHS trust raised concerns regarding the frequency of patients coming to them for help after visiting the Merseyside clinic.

Almost 30 women were admitted to hospital to receive emergency treatment over a period of three years.

In England and Wales, abortion clinics are required to be regularly inspected under the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

Serious failures have also been reported at Marie Stopes’ abortion clinics - the other major provider of abortions in the UK.

At a clinic in Maidstone, services were described as a ‘cattle market’, where staff were incentivised to encourage women to have abortions.

In Ealing, one woman died. There had been “repeated failures of recording of observation by different clinicians involved in her care.”

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