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CARE backs ban on "online pimping"

Commercial Sexual Exploitation
10 February 2022
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Press Release: 10 Feb 2022

CARE has backed a ban on online pimping as a cross-party group of MSPs raise the alarm at Holyrood and urge government action.

Today, MSPs debated a motion by Ruth Maguire, MSP for Cunninghame South, supported by 30 MSPs, which calls for an explicit ban under a new Scottish model on prostitution being drawn up by Ministers.

Michael Veitch, Scottish Parliamentary Officer, commented:

“CARE for Scotland welcomes the fact that MSPs have this opportunity to debate what is an urgent and timely subject. Pimping websites exist to enable men to more easily identify and exploit women who have become embroiled in the so-called ‘sex industry’, including those who have been trafficked.

"Having campaigned for the reform of prostitution law over many years - in particular for the criminalisation of the purchase of sex, and for action to address the scourge of human trafficking in modern Scotland, we welcome the call to outlaw the pimping websites that fuel these trades.

"The Scottish Government and Parliament have worked hard to tackle human trafficking over recent years, however for as long as it remains legal to pay for sex, we are failing in our duty to tackle one of the principal drivers of trafficking at source.

"For the sake of the women who continue to be harmed in this way, Scotland must move to criminalise the purchase of sex without delay, and to take action against the websites that fuel and enable this trade."


Notes to Editors:

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Commercial Sexual Exploitation

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