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Marriage and Family

National Marriage Week 2020

National Marriage Week starts on the 11th of May and ends on the 17th of May. The theme this year is the 'forever conversation'.

Marriage week is all about celebrating marriage and all the good it brings to society. At CARE, we beleive marriage is worth investing in. There is a wealth of good research that highlights that strong marriages make for stable families and in turn, this makes for happier children, happier grown-ups and the benefits for local communities and wider society are many.

One of the main aims of NMW is for couples around the country to join in. To mark the week, we're showing a special video which was first released this time last year. Watch below as Lyndon and Celia tell their story and reflect on more than 40 years of married life together.

WATCH: Lyn­don and Celi­a’s story

Lyndon and Celia Bowring have been married for 40+ years. In this film, they talk about how they met, the challenges they've overcome and reflect on all the lessons they've learnt, and continue to learn, along the way.

Below you can find some special resources we've put together to help mark National Marriage Week 2020.

CARE is passionate about marriage. It is part of God's design for the whole of society. From the very beginning, God initiated this unique and wonderful relationship and we want to celebrate all the good it brings.

Nola Leach
Togeth­er with many oth­er organ­isa­tions and indi­vidu­als we want to cel­eb­rate all the good that mar­riage does. We hope the resources below will help and inspire you dur­ing Nation­al Mar­riage Week 2020.
Nola Leach Chief Executive of CARE

James Mildred: postponing my wedding day because of coronaviurs

CARE's James Mildred was hoping and expecting to get married on June 6. Then the coronavirus pandemic threw those plans up in the air. In this piece for, James reflects on what it's been like and how he and his fiance are as determined as ever to get married.

Read James' piece
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Marriage is an adventure...

Marriage will be exhilarating, challenging and confusing and will go through many different seasons. But it's an adventure! And one two people enjoy together through all that life can throw at them.

Read Hannah's piece
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Love, weddings and marriage during coronavirus

CARE's Jonathan Williams was due to get married this summer. But the coronavirus pandemic means his wedding plans now look very different. In this piece for National Marriage Week, Jonathan explains what the last few months have been like as he and his fiance plan for a very different start to their married life together.

Read Jono's piece

CARE's work to support marriage

For many years, CARE has helped champion marriage in the Parliaments and Assemblies of the UK. Our work has been deliberately focused in a number of key areas. In this piece, our Family Policy Officer, Jonathan Williams, explains what CARE is doing to support marriage through our public policy work.

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New App will help strengthen marriage

The coronavirus pandemic puts all kinds of pressures on people, which puts strain on marriages. Tough times can actually strengthen some couple relationships, many will experience increased emotional pressures and conflict. There has never been a more important time to support marriage.

FamilyLife have developed an App which provides a unique online series for couples to invest in and strengthen their relationships. It is available FREE from App Store and Google Play. Toucan brings together practical relationship tools with video clips of couples from a wide range of backgrounds and ages sharing their experiences, alongside interactive exercises and engaging animation.

Toucan App
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Marriage Week website

For more resources, interviews, stories and so much more, do visit the official Marriage Week website.

Marriage Week website
James Mildred
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