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The Story Behind Age Verification

When you go into a shop to buy alcohol, and you look under 25, you might get asked to show ID. But online, when it comes to viewing pornography, there's no comparable protection for under 18s.

Yet studies show children as young as five years old have stumbled across pornography online. In school, peer pressure is often used to compel teenagers to watch porn. Further evidence tells us this ends up shaping their view of sex, relationships and consent. It also often glamourises violence against women.

That's why for more than seven years, we've campaigned for age verification on online pornography. This would require anyone who wants to watch porn to prove they are over 18. New technology means this is now more effective than ever.

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The Take Away

What this timeline highlights is how long it can take to effectively engage with legislation and secure the change you're looking for.

CARE's been campaigning and working towards age verification for over seven years. Our work has involved multiple briefings, meetings, letters to Ministers, polling and also partnerships with like-minded organisations.

This is why we so highly value the long-standing partnerships of so many of our supporters. When you stand with us over a sustained period of time, you'll be able to follow the journey as we secure changes to bills.

What next?

We will continue to hold the Government's feet to the fire to ensure the swift implementation of age verification on pornography in the upcoming months.

This information has been put together as a leaflet, as shown below. To order free copies, please contact us at

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Online Safety

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