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Pause on puberty blockers for Scottish children welcome and overdue - CARE for Scotland

18 April 2024
Trans girl

A pause on ‘puberty blockers’ and other controversial drugs in Scotland has been welcomed by social policy charity CARE.

Today, it emerged that Scotland’s only “gender identity clinic” for children will stop prescribing both puberty blockers and hormone treatments for under-18s.

It follows the publication of a landmark review of services for children experiencing gender dysphoria in England.

Dr Hilary Cass's review found that there is “remarkably weak” evidence for medical interventions that have been ongoing.

Michael Veitch, Parliamentary Officer for CARE for Scotland, said:

“This announcement is both welcome and overdue. Concerns about the medical interventions offered to children with gender dysphoria have been known for some time. Dr Cass’s research put the need for a halt beyond doubt.

“We would stress the need for a thorough, evidence-led assessment of the approach taken towards gender questioning children in medicine and other areas where the so-called ‘affirmation’ model has been embedded.

“Politicians and other professionals should not be prevented from scrutinising concerns due to political pressure from groups who propound gender identity theory and appear to be unwilling to respond to safeguarding concerns.”


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