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Record number of people banning themselves from gambling

24 January 2024
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In 2023, over 92,000 people signed up to Gamstop, Britain's national self-exclusion scheme for gambling. This marks a 9.5% increase from the previous year - bringing the total number of registrants to more than 433,000.

Notably, young adults, particularly those aged 16 to 24, represent a significant portion of the new sign-ups, experiencing a 31% increase in the latter half of 2023. Now, they constitute 21% of all new registrations, up from 17%.

Gamstop offers self-exclusion options ranging from six months to five years, with 55% opting for the maximum exclusion period of five years.

The increasing number of sign-ups highlights the critical role of self-exclusion as a tool for individuals grappling with gambling issues, providing them an opportunity to take a break and seek further support.

Fiona Palmer, CEO of Gamstop, emphasises the growing relevance of self-exclusion for those facing gambling challenges.

She says, "We are continuing to see a year-on-year increase in the number of registrants, which shows the importance of self-exclusion for anyone struggling with their gambling, alongside other blocking tools and support.

"We want to continue raising awareness of Gamstop to anyone who might benefit from self-exclusion and to the friends and families of anyone affected by gambling.

"The prevalence of young adults among Gamstop's registrants shows the importance of educating younger consumers and we will continue our outreach to this age group in 2024, working collaboratively with like-minded organisations and harnessing the support of our football club partners".

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