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‘Abortion is not a human right’, CARE for Northern Ireland says

7 December 2023
Stormont General

Abortion is not a “human right” and “devolution was disrespected” when Westminster imposed changes on NI, CARE Northern Ireland has said.

CARE NI also stressed peoples' right to conscientiously object, and said pro-life groups should be free to help women make a different choice.

It was responding to a new report by pro-abortion campaigners Amnesty International on abortion provision in NI.

Louise Davies MBE, Director of Advocacy and Policy at CARE, said:

“Amnesty’s description of abortion as a ‘human right’ is both factually incorrect – it has no basis in international treaties – and deeply offensive to many people in Northern Ireland. The primary human right, and the right from which all other rights extend, is the right to life.

“It should not be forgotten that the current abortion regime was undemocratically imposed on NI whilst the Assembly wasn’t functioning, without the views of NI citizens being properly considered, or the consent of their elected representatives. Devolution was disrespected.

“In its report, Amnesty shows a concerning lack of regard for peoples’ right to conscientiously object to abortion in a democratic, multicultural society. It also challenges the right of well-established and respected pro-life groups to empower women to make a different choice.

“We regret Amnesty’s call for more access to abortions by telemedicine – a process linked to severe medical complications and a heightened risk of coercion and abuse of women. In recent years, hundreds of medical professionals have raised concerns about this approach.

“Many people in Northern Ireland believe that in every pregnancy, both lives matter. They see a just, compassionate society as one that values, protects, and supports women when they are pregnant and after, ensuring that families have holistic support. We join them in this.”


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