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Married parents more likely to stay together, report shows

Marriage and Family
24 July 2023
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A recent report has revealed that married couples, rather than cohabiting couples, are more likely to stay together by the time their children become teenagers.

A survey conducted of 18,000 children born in Britain in the year 2000 has revealed that by the time children reach the age of 14, 46% of first-born children do not live with both mother and father.

This figure is made up of 19% of teenagers born to a single parent, 14% of divorced parents, and 13% whose parents later split up.

Researchers have said the results paint a ‘depressing picture’ of family breakdown. And, according to the report author Henry Benson, from the Marriage Foundation, the study shows “the simple truth that marriage matters”.

The remaining 54% of children surveyed lived with both parents. Of these an overwhelming majority of the parents were married, whilst just 16% of the children lived with parents who were unmarried.

Benson comments, “Marriage provides relationship clarity and encourages good things like sacrifice and forgiveness, which are so important when children are involved.

This is why couples who have tied the knot tend to be more stable and more likely to weather the challenges that life throws at them.”

Sir Paul Coleridge, founder of Marriage Foundation, goes further to say, “Every experienced parent knows that if adolescents are to successfully navigate the scary teenage years, they need a secure and a stable environment.

If you want to experience the rich rewards of fully enjoying your children… marrying the other parent is a crucial first step.”

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Marriage and Family

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