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Oz assisted suicide safeguards challenged

Assisted Suicide
3 August 2022
Australia flag

So-called safeguards in an Australian state's assisted suicide law are being challenged by a doctor.

Nick Carr believes legislation preventing assisted suicide consultations over the phone or on Zoom in Victoria are too restrictive.

The GP has threatened to take legal action against Australia's Attorney General unless the rules are relaxed.

To be approved for assisted suicide in Victoria, two doctors need to conclude that a patient has less than a year to live.

If they have a physical illness the stipulation is six months. If they have a neurological condition it's twelve months.

The rules prohibiting consultations via telecommunication are designed to provide additional safety to patients.

CARE campaigns against assisted suicide legislation, arguing that laws are inevitably made more permissive over time.

A spokesman said:

"This development in Australia fits with what we see around the world in countries that have introduced assisted suicide.

"Incremental extension of laws is inevitable: eligibility categories are broadened, and supposed safeguards are watered down.

"The only surefire way to avoid profound and irreversible injustices under an assisted suicide law is to choose not to introduce such a law."

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Assisted Suicide

Where assisted suicide is legal, it makes vulnerable people feel like a burden. CARE works to uphold laws that protect those people, and to assist them to live—not to commit suicide.

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