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Canada euthanasia deaths are spiralling

Assisted Suicide
4 August 2022
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The shocking scale of euthanasia deaths in Canada has been laid bare in new figures, with concern they will grow even more as eligibility is extended to other groups of people.

A new report on the country's Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD) programme, which allows assisted suicide and euthanasia, shows there were 10,064 euthanasia deaths in 2021 - up from 7,603 in 2020.

There has been a huge year-on-year increase in assisted deaths in Canada since the MAiD programme was introduced in 2016, with 1,018 that year, 2,838 in 2017, 4,480 in 2018, and 5,561 in 2019.

The new report reveals that: "When all data sources are considered, the total of number of euthanasia (MAiD) reported assisted deaths in Canada from legalization to December 31, 2021 is 31,664."

Pro-life campaigners fear that the number of applications under Canada's MAiD law will grow even further in the next two years given “strict guidelines to protect against abuse” have been relaxed.

The law was recently expanded to make people with chronic and disabling conditions eligible for assisted suicide and euthanasia, and from 2023, people with mental illnesses will also be able to apply.

Speaking earlier this week, a spokesman for CARE said:

"Incremental extension of laws is inevitable: eligibility categories are broadened, and supposed safeguards are watered down.

"The only surefire way to avoid profound and irreversible injustices under an assisted suicide law is to choose not to introduce such a law."

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