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Government can use Bill of Rights to strengthen religious freedom

Religious Liberty
22 June 2022
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The UK Government could use a new Bill of Rights to bolster religious liberty in the UK, CARE has suggested, as Ministers are set to introduce the proposal.

Today, the Justice Secretary Dominic Raab will introduce a British Bill of Rights, which the government claims will enhance free speech, and prevent “trivial legal claims”.

The contentious legislation would abolish the Human Rights Act and end the primacy of the European Court of Human Rights in UK human rights cases.

James Mildred, Director of Communications and Engagement, commented:

“Much of the initial media focus is on the fact the Bill aims to allow UK Courts to diverge from the European Court of Human Rights. This has prompted a range of reactions, for and against. As the bill moves forward and is scrutinised by parliament, it offers positive opportunities to strengthen religious freedom and freedom of belief and expression for citizens in the UK.

“When this bill was first mooted, CARE argued that any legislation produced by the government should incorporate the principle of reasonable accommodation into law. The central tenet of this principle is ensuring employers take steps to make necessary and appropriate adjustments to accommodate the religious beliefs and practices of their employees.

“In a climate of fear and distrust of religion, and sometimes outright hostility towards people of faith, reasonable accommodation would help ensure fairness going forward. It is even more necessary when you consider the litany of cases in recent years where Christians have been bullied and mistreated, with less recourse under our laws than other citizens.

“We again urge the government to consider our proposals as part of any new framework setting out the rights of UK citizens.”


Notes to Editors

In 2016, CARE authored a report with Res Publica recommending that reasonable accommodation be introduced as a principle in law. Read the report in full here:

Beyond Belief: Defending religious liberty through the British Bill of Rights - ResPublica

Read a press release heralding the launch of the report here:

Beyond Belief: Defending religious liberty through the British Bill of Rights - Press Release

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