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Kirk to permit same-sex marriages

Marriage and Family
24 May 2022
Kirk Moderator

The Church of Scotland has votes to allow same-sex marriages in its buildings, overturning hundreds of years of church practice.

In a vote at the Kirk's General Assembly yesterday, clergy supported a motion to change church law by a margin of 274 votes to 136.

Ministers who do not wish to take part in same-sex marriage ceremonies will not be compelled to do so under the new rules.

A handful of evangelical Ministers spoke against the change, emphasising that is clearly contrary to the teaching of scripture. Reverend Philip Gunn, of Rosskeen parish church, said:

”God has called us as his followers to be bold and make a stand for what is right in his eyes... If we choose to turn our back on scripture how can we stand up and say we are ministers of God’s church?"

The Church of Scotland's attendance has been steadily declining for decades, and some congregations may leave the denomination following this change.

It joins the Methodist Church in the UK, which became the largest denomination to permit same-sex marriages in its church buildings last year.

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Marriage and Family

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