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Family sex show 'cancelled' following backlash

Marriage and Family
21 April 2022
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A controversial ‘family’ show featuring full frontal adult nudity has been partly cancelled following a furious backlash.

Created by the theatre company ThisEgg, which receives taxpayers money, the show was due to begin its run at the Tobacco Factory in Bristol in May.

Promotional material described it as “a show for families about sex and relationships” that “imagines a future where there is no shame; but a celebration of difference, equality and liberation.”

The show was recommended for children aged 5 and up and Family Show website even featured a glossary of sexual terms.

However, critics were quick to call out the safeguarding concerns and a petition against the show received more than 30 thousand signatories in just a few days.

One child psychologist, Haim Ginot, said: “children are wet cement: whatever falls on them leaves an impression.”

On 19 April, the production company announced it would not be on in Bristol or Norwich and instead would only play in front of a ‘select audience’ in Bath.

Reports in the mainstream media that the show had been cancelled focused on threats to the theatre company, not the explicit content.

Commenting, CARE’s James Mildred, said:

“Promoting this kind of material at children is deeply disturbing. Children are not ‘mini adults’ and are vulnerable to abuse.
“We’re reaping what we’ve sown. By creating a culture of so called ‘free love’ and by demolishing the God created boundaries around sex and relationships, we’re left with an overly sexualized culture and the biggest casualties are children.”
James Mildred Director of Communications and Engagement

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