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Charity urges “respectful discourse” on GRA plans, outlines concerns about self-ID

Religious Liberty
3 March 2022

Press release: CARE for Scotland

CARE for Scotland has issued a plea for “civil and respectful discourse” on proposed changes to gender recognition laws, as it set out concerns about self-declaration.

The Scottish Government introduced legislation to reform the Gender Recognition Act this morning and will make a statement on the plans later today.

If passed as it stands, it would see the "removal of the requirement for an applicant to have or have had gender dysphoria" to legally change sex.

Michael Veitch, Scottish Parliamentary Officer at CARE for Scotland said:

“We share the concerns expressed by many groups about a system of ‘self-declaration’ and will be communicating these through the legislative process.

“The state of political and societal debate on this policy is a matter of regret. It is more than possible to ensure a civil and respectful discourse on this issue if all parties agree to work towards this goal. This must involve a willingness to listen and try to understand where different groups are coming from.

“It is also important that all voices are heard equally. Our own starting point is the objective reality of male and female and the differences between the sexes being something that should not be erased. We call on Ministers to give attention to legitimate and sincerely-held concerns.”


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