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Boris Johnson Promises To Respect Needs of Modern Slavery Victims

Human Trafficking
15 October 2020

Boris Johnson has promised to respect and uphold the rights of human trafficking victims.

The Prime Minister made the remarks during Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday 14 October.

He was responding to a question from Karen Bradley MP who was formerly a Home Office Minister with responsibilities for the UK's response to modern slavery.

The UK is preparing to mark Anti-Slavery Day 2020 which is on Sunday 18 October and is a chance for nations to reaffirm their commitment to ending human trafficking in all its forms.

Watch Boris Johnson promise to respect human trafficking victims

Timely Remarks

Yes, I certainly can confirm what my right hon. Friend says about treating victims with dignity and respect, and she is right to take pride in what this Government have done in introducing the Modern Slavery Act 2015. Thanks to that Act, we are identifying more victims of modern slavery than ever before: 10,000 potential victims of modern slavery were identified in 2019, which is a 52% increase. It is this Government, this House and this country that are leading the campaign against modern slavery.
Boris Johnson Prime Minister

Mr Johnson's promise is extremely timely with MPs set to vote on Monday 19 October on amendments from the House of Lords to the Immigration and Social Security Coordination Bill.

One successful amendment from Lord McColl is now known as clause 12 in the bill and it's simple purpose is to protect the rights of human trafficking victims post-Brexit.

Leaving the EU means uncertainty for victims because some of the support they currently enjoy is based on an EU Trafficking Directive from 2014.

That Directive has been very influential and led to the Modern Slavery Act, the law that currently applies in England and Wales.

Ask Your MP To Sup­port Clause 12

October T

For victims of human trafficking, long-term support is essential. It provides them with security, confidence and opportunities to rebuild their lives. The support involved includes housing, financial assistance and advice.

On Monday 19 October, MPs will vote on whether to keep clause 12 in the Immigration and Social Security Bill. Without it, there's a real danger victims will have less support than they currently have.

You can help protect victims of human trafficking by taking just 5 minutes and emailing your MP to ask them to support clause 12 on Monday.

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