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Gift aid

Gift Aid

The Gift Aid system allows CARE to reclaim from HMRC, the tax paid on a gift from a UK taxpayer. The reclaimed tax is added to the value of the gift, in simple terms it is an extra 25% on top of the donation. For example, a UK tax payer giving £100 to CARE, enables CARE to reclaim £25 of tax paid. There is no minimum amount requirement and there is no need to commit to a set amount of giving over a specific period.

When you donate online you'll be asked if you are eligible for Gift Aid, if you pay tax in the UK, please select 'I would like CARE to claim Gift Aid on my donation'.

If you make a Gift Aid Declaration to CARE, we can reclaim the tax on every gift you make while you are a UK taxpayer. To do so, just complete the Gift Aid Declaration Form and send it to: CARE, FREEPOST (WD 1079), LONDON, SW1P 3RF

Reclaim­ing tax on all my gifts

In order for the tax to be reclaimed, the gift must come from a source of income that has been taxed by income tax or capital gains tax. We cannot make a Gift Aid claim where inheritance tax has been paid.

However, tax claims can be backdated to gifts received by CARE in the last 4 full financial years, plus the current financial year. If you have not been a taxpayer for the last 4 years, please indicate the date on which you started to pay tax when completing a Gift Aid Declaration form.

Tax can be claimed on gifts from a joint account, where one of the couple is a taxpayer and the other is not. If the gift is coming from a joint bank account, only one Gift Aid Declaration (from one of the account holders) is needed to reclaim the tax. If the gift is made by cheque, it can be signed by either account holder.

If you have recently stopped paying UK, please contact Supporter Relations on 0207 2330455 or to update your Gift Aid Declaration.

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