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Undercover investigation finds home abortions are unsafe and sometimes illegal

8 July 2020
Home abortion

Dangerous ‘DIY abortions are unsafe and sometimes even illegal, an undercover investigation has found.

Allowing women to take both abortion pills at home is a temporary measure enacted as part of the Coronavirus 2020 Act.

The UK Government made the decision to temporarily change current law on this in England after performing an embarrassing U-turn.

But now an undercover investigation has found that abortion providers like Marie Stopes are not carrying out even basic checks before administering DIY abortion pills.

Little or no attempt to check details

Home abortions 2
Women can currently take both abortion pills at home

Eight women contacted abortion providers BPAS and Marie Stopes UK, posing as someone seeking an abortion.

All of the women received abortion pills in the post, despite seven of them providing false information.

Not only are investigators claiming little or no attempt to check their details, one caller even changed the length of her pregnancy from nine weeks to seven weeks during the call itself.

Kevin Duffy, a former Director of Marie Stopes International, who led the investigation said:

“The investigation clearly demonstrates that abortion at home by pills-by-post, is not safe, and on many occasions it oversteps legal boundaries without any proper scrutiny.”
Kevin Duffy Former Director of Marie Stopes International

Last week the Court of Appeal granted a judicial review challenging the home abortion policy.

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