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Marriage and Family

Workers union opposes Sunday trading extension plan

11 May 2020

The Government has been warned not to use the coronavirus pandemic to extend Sunday trading hours.

Business Secretary Alok Sharma is apparently pushing behind the scenes for the current rules to be relaxed.

What’s are the cur­rent laws?

At the moment, large shops (over 280sq m/3,000 sq ft) on Sunday can open for six continuous hours only between 10am and 6pm and must be closed on Easter Sunday.

Longer Sunday trad­ing hours not part of the answer

Shop workers union USDAW said that while it could ‘appreciate the sentiment behind the call’ it does not believe longer trading hours on a Sunday are part of the answer.

'We have long believed that the current compromise around Sunday trading is the right one, one that allows customers to shop, stores to trade, and provides our members and other retail workers with guaranteed time away from work in what is an increasingly 24/7 society.

“We are facing a national crisis, with our members on the frontline of continuing to serve their communities and keep the food supply chain moving. We appreciate the sentiment behind the call and want to see all of our key workers supported at this difficult time. However, we do not believe that longer trading hours on a Sunday are part of the answer.’
Paddy Lillis General Secretary of USDAW

CARE’s view

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Sunday trading restrictions are good for family life

It might seem strange and bizarre to be opposing the extension of Sunday trading hours. However, there are two very good reasons to do so.

Firstly, when people argue that extending Sunday trading hours is good for business and would aid the country’s economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. However, it’s wise to be cautious with such an argument. In 2012, during the Olympics in London, Sunday trading rules were temporarily relaxed. The result? Trade moved away from smaller stores to largest stores and the overall result was a decline in retails sales.

Secondly, the purpose behind Sunday trading restrictions is a positive one, namely, to promote time off in common. It means there is a day when shop staff and others who work in the retail sector can have time with their families. This is good for family life and helps provide much needed balance in life as well.

It is worth noting that by the Government’s own ‘family test’, extending trading for largest stores on a Sunday fails that test.

Any plans to extend Sunday trading for larger stores to aid the COVID-19 economic recovery must be specifically time-limited. There is good reasons to suggest such a move is unnecessary and would not in reality provide that much help. Just as important as our economic recovery is the need to maintain family life and time off in common.


Marriage and Family

Strong families are foundational to a healthy society. Marriages too are vital, representing the gold standard of commitment. CARE is committed to upholding both.

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