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Human Trafficking
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Human Trafficking

Raise awareness of modern slavery

Anti-Slavery Day

Each year the UK and other countries in the EU highlight the plight of people caught in modern day slavery and human trafficking on Anti-Slavery Day (also known as EU Anti-Trafficking Day) which is 18 October.

For the last few years a group of Christian charities and churches has designated the nearest Sunday to 18 October as “Freedom Sunday” and seeks to make human trafficking the focus of prayer that day.

We would love it if you could do something in your church on or around 18 October to raise awareness of this issue and pray for change.

Below are some resources you can use, including a model order of service and prayer slideshow.

Does traf­fick­ing still exist?

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Human Traf­fick­ing Q & A

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Bib­lic­al reflec­tions on the theme of human traf­fick­ing and slavery

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Sev­en day pray­er guide on human trafficking

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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is one of the greatest violations of human dignity. We are fighting for effective laws that will help victims get better support.

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Anti-Slavery Day - Model order of service

This service outline contains all you need to hold a special church service on the themes of justice, modern day slavery and freedom.

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Prayer Slideshow

A slideshow of prayer points to help you pray for the situation of human trafficking in the UK.