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Assisted Suicide
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Assisted Suicide
Palliative care how long left to live

CARE for Scotland: vulnerable people most at risk from assisted suicide

4 May 2021

CARE for Scotland's parliamentary officer, Michael Veitch, has written for The Courier, arguing that investing in palliative care is a 'better alternative' than introducing assisted suicide.

Assisted Suicide
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70 parliamentarians sign letter urging Govt not to change law on assisted suicide

27 April 2021

This week 70 MPs and Peers wrote to the Lord Chancellor, stating their concerns about recent calls to change the law on assisted suicide in the UK.

Assisted Suicide
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What are the dangers of state approved assisted suicide?

14 April 2021

Campaign group CNK Scotland have launched a new video, highlighting the dangers of changing the law to permit assisted suicide.

Assisted Suicide
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Canada opens the door to assisted suicide for the mentally ill

19 March 2021

Canada has expanded the scope of its assisted suicide laws to patients who’s death is not foreseeable, opening the door for the mentally ill to have the procedure.

Assisted Suicide
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Oregon assisted suicide figures show yet another increase

3 March 2021

The latest annual report from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) shows yet another increase in the number of patients choosing assisted suicide.

Assisted Suicide
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Why is euthanasia on the rise in Belgium and the Netherlands?

18 February 2021

Patients in Belgium and the Netherlands have been allowed to be euthanised by approved medical professionals since 2002. In that first year, there were 1,882 cases in the Netherlands and 24 in…


Assisted Suicide

Where assisted suicide is legal, it makes vulnerable people feel like a burden. CARE works to uphold laws that protect those people, and to assist them to live—not to commit suicide.

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