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We believe that in every civ­il­ised soci­ety we should hold open and respect­ful debate: seek­ing first, to listen and under­stand the views of oth­ers, and second, to form sound, logic­al argu­ments to defend our own. In this series we exam­ine vari­ous aspects of the abor­tion debate.


6 things the abor­tion lob­by won’t tell you about decriminalisation

This article explores some of the claims perpetuated by those who seek a radical overhaul of the UK's abortion laws, and the wide-reaching effects decriminalisation will have on all pregnant women and the legal status of preborn babies.

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What about back­street abortions? Part One

One of the main arguments adopted by those who argue for the provision of legal abortion is that it is necessary to prevent unsafe 'backstreet' abortions. In part one, we examine why this argument needs to be tackled and how it is used in the current abortion debate.

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What about back­street abortions? Part Two

Was legalising abortion the answer to the problem of backstreet abortions in 1967? In Part 2, we examine the circumstances that led to the Abortion Act 1967 being passed, and whether such claims still have weight today.

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