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CARE for Scotland

The CARE for Scotland Team seek to support Members of the Scottish Parliament and equip the Church in Scotland on a variety of causes.

Whether it's the value of life, championing the defence of the most vulnerable in society or standing up for fundamental freedoms, our team in Scotland is making a difference.

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National Director, Stuart Weir

Stuart Weir is our National Director in Scotland. He's been working for CARE since 2013 and in his role, he builds relationships with churches and church leaders especially. He's an experienced speaker and writer, appearing in the Scotsman on a regular basis.

If you'd like to contact Stuart, you can do so by emailing him at:

M Veitch 2
Parliamentary Officer, Michael Veitch

Michael Veitch is our Parliamentary Officer in Scotland. He spends time meeting MSPs, both at the Scottish Parliament and across Scotland. He advises on different campaigns, prepares policy briefings, speaking notes and speaks out in the media as well. Prior to this, Michael was in church leadership and has also served as a local councillor and a policy researcher.

You can contact Michael by emailing him:

At CARE for Scotland, we're passionate about equipping people across Scotland to be salt and light in the political process. Whether it's signing a petition, responding to a consultation or contacting your MSPs, we're here to help you do so effectively. Please do join us by praying for the 129 MSPs, Scottish Government Ministers, opposition parties, Committee Chairs and Members, that the Scottish Parliament would be a place where great good is done for Scotland.

Our Vis­ion for Scotland

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Because of the kingdom of God, we are persuading society to be:

Free from the slavery of prostitution.

Human rather than robotic.

Providing consistent and quality palliative care.

Free to express faith.

Safe online.

To help these values flourish in our society we help local churches and Christians engage Scottish society in the following ways:

Lobbying – when we see any of our values mentioned above at risk, we provide resources, wisdom and advice to help you and your church speak to the Scottish and UK Governments with grace and truth.

Training – our Leadership Programme takes a small number of Scottish graduates from churches and places them with MSPs/NGOs to prepare them to be first class policy makers.

Resourcing – we are helping churches to frame the political issues of the day in a biblical and prayerful manner. We offer churches support and materials to navigate election time in a Christianly effective way that enriches their communities.

Our National Director Stuart Weir gives an overview of politics in the Bible
Stuart Weir
We’d love to con­nect with you and to find out how, take a look at the dif­fer­ent options below. Don’t for­get, you can also email me at Stuart.​Weir@​care.​org.​uk
Stuart Weir National Director, CARE for Scotland

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CARE for Scotland Facebook Group

You can also connect with CARE for Scotland by joining the Facebook Group. You'll find posts about our activities in Scotland and a brilliant blend of information, education and inspiration!

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Read our submission to Liam McArthur MSP's consultation on his proposed assisted suicide bill

CARE for Scotland submitted a response to the public consultation on a proposed assisted suicide bill in Scotland.

Read the submission
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Have you read our new report?

CARE for Scotland has published a new report which calls for the Scottish Government to change the way the tax burden is shared out. We believe the system of individual taxation, which takes no account of family responsibilities should be changed. The end result of recognising family responsibilities would be more families lifted out of poverty.

Read the report

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