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Church Leaders

Listen­ing to church lead­ers, respond­ing to requests, devel­op­ing resources, inspir­ing reflec­tion and action.

We deeply respect the faithful witness of tens of thousands of churches around the country that provide leadership and practical support in the community.

Local church leaders are our key partners. They inspire their congregations to pray for elected representatives (councillors, MPs etc), campaign on important issues and encourage participation in political parties, events and debates. We are keen to support them in this task and deliver seminars on current issues such as human trafficking, end of life issues, and online safety.

These online resources are the result of asking church leaders around the country; ‘What would help you to inspire your congregations to be involved in political and social justice issues?’ We hope that you will find them useful and recommend them to others.

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Invite a CARE speaker to your church

We are keen to support church leaders in encouraging political engagement and social action in their congregations; inspiring them to campaign on important issues and pray for elected representatives.

We are often involved in giving seminars to churches (e.g. human trafficking, getting involved in politics) and in preaching in Sunday services on Bible passages that are applied to this area.

If you would like to invite a member of the CARE team to speak at your church, please email us at:

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God in Politics Bible Studies

Here is a series of three Bible studies for small groups, on the subject of ‘God in Politics’:

Bible Study Session One: Creation and Stewardship

Bible Study Session Two: Being ‘Light and Salt’

Bible Study Session Three: Faith with Integrity

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How the UK Parliaments and Assemblies work

Here are short guides explaining how the different UK Parliaments and Assemblies work and how laws are passed:

How the Westminster Parliament works

How the Northern Ireland Assembly works

How the Scottish Parliament works

How the National Assembly for Wales works

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Open: providing post-abortion support within churches.

OPEN is an initiative of CARE. It aims to create an environment within churches where unintended pregnancy and post abortion concerns can
be shared with grace and compassionate understanding.


  1. Training for church leaders to address this sensitive subject
  2. Lectures for those studying in theological colleges
  3. Seminars at Christian events
  4. Speakers who can open up the conversation in church congregations
  5. Post-abortion recovery weekends retreats
  6. ‘Loved’ miscarriage healing retreat days
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