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Lib Dem Peer hits out at assisted suicide bill

Assisted Suicide
12 October 2021
Key Judith Jolly

A Liberal Democrat Peer has warned against assisted suicide proposals brought forward by her own party.

In a letter to The Telegraph, Baroness Jolly said she believes legalising the practice would undermine end-of-life care.

Citing the experience of her own mother as she approached the end of life, the Baroness wrote:

“Thanks to the kindness and compassion of care-home workers, my mother was able to spend her final days in dignity with her family by her side as she peacefully passed away.

“Were the law to change and assisted dying become an option in instances such as this, my mother’s end-of-life care might have been overshadowed by a dreadful choice of having to have a discussion with a doctor about helping her to take her own life.

“Our existing end-of-life laws and customs already work well. There is no space for assisted suicide, the introduction of which would risk soon being interpreted as a duty to die to relieve emotional burdens on others.”

In recent days, several senior politicians have also expressed scepticism about an assisted suicide law.

At the weekend, The Telegraph reported that Prime Minister Boris Johnson had formed a position against the ‘Assisted Dying Bill’ before Westminster after careful consideration of the arguments during his summer break.

The newspaper also indicated that Health Secretary Sajid Javid would vote against assisted suicide legislation should it come before the Commons.

Baroness Meacher’s ‘Assisted Dying Bill’ will have its second reading in the House of Lords on Friday 22 October. You can use our brand new website function to contact Peers and ask them to speak and vote against the plans.

Write to Peers today.

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Assisted Suicide

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