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CARE Helps Secure Protections for Trafficked Victims Post-Brexit

Human Trafficking
22 October 2020
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The Government has promised that from 1 January, all confirmed victims of modern slavery from EU countries will be automatically considered for Discretionary Leave to Remain.

Lord McColl has also secured promises that Government ministers, including the Home Secretary, will have a series of meetings with him and Iain Duncan Smith MP to discuss the Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill.

For some weeks now, CARE has been working with Peers and MPs to raise concerns about the Immigration Bill because of the negative impact it could have on confirmed victims of modern slavery from EU countries.

A few weeks ago, CARE helped Lord McColl table an amendment to correct this problem which successfully passed by 312-211.

When MPs considered the amendment on Monday 19 October, the Government opposed it and announced its concession. The amendment was withdrawn without a vote. In the Lords on Wednesday, the Government reiterated its concession and Lord McColl agreed to accept the Government’s proposal, whilst highlighting the need to look more broadly at the support provided to victims.

However, in the Lords on Wednesday, the Government announced its concession.

CARE’s Response

This is an excellent outcome and we hope it leads to further, positive changes. The promised meetings about Lord McColl’s Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill will provide fresh opportunities to move things forward.

The reason this matters so much is because long-term support for confirmed modern slavery victims is crucial if they are to rebuild their lives and provide vital evidence that will bring more traffickers to justice.

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