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Scots Hate Crime Bill Will Have Chilling Effect on Performing Arts

Religious Liberty
6 August 2020
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The professional body, representing many of Scotland’s top lawyers has strongly criticised the Scottish government’s proposed new hate crime law.

The Faculty of Advocates said the bill would have:

“a chilling effect on legitimate, if controversial, debate and performing arts.”
Faculty of Advocates (Scotland)

The lawyers also warned that the bill could lead to malicious complaints being made which would cause:

“extensive disruption to life and livelihood, and to legitimate operations of businesses and institutions”
Faculty of Adovcates

The faculty’s criticisms follows those of the Law Society of Scotland which said recently that the bill contained major flaws.

Grow­ing cri­ti­cism of the laws

Campaigners, Police Scotland, academics, the Catholic Church and the Free Church have all raised significant concerns.

CARE submitted a response to the Justice Committee on the proposed bill and warned the legislation would seriously undermine free speech.

POD­CAST: Defend­ing Free Speech in Scotland

Legal Analyst Lois McLatchie explains why the bill will undermine free speech

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