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Find out how your MLAs voted on the abortion motion

3 June 2020
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Last night, MLAs voted 46 to 40 in favour of a DUP motion which rejected the imposition of abortion legislation including abortion up to birth for non-fatal disabilities and Down's syndrome.

Here's what the motion said:

‘That this Assembly welcomes the important intervention of disability campaigner Heidi Crowter and rejects the imposition of abortion legislation which extends to all non-fatal disabilities, including Down's syndrome.’
Motion in the name of Paul Givan MLA, Joanne Bunting MLA, Ms Michelle McIlveen MLA and Ms Pam Cameron MLA

Read our full press release in response to the vote.

Find out how your MLAs voted

Those who voted FOR the motion:

Mr Allen, Mr Allister, Mrs Barton, Mr M Bradley, Ms P Bradley, Ms S Bradley, Mr K Buchanan, Mr T Buchanan, Mr Buckley, Ms Bunting, Mr Butler, Mrs Cameron, Mr Catney, Mr Chambers, Mr Clarke, Mrs Dodds, Mr Dunne, Mr Durkan, Mr Easton, Mrs Foster, Mr Frew, Mr Givan, Mr Harvey, Mr Hilditch, Mr Humphrey, Mr Irwin, Mrs D Kelly, Mr Lyons, Mr Lyttle, Mr McCrossan, Mr McGlone, Mr McGrath, Miss McIlveen, Mr McNulty, Ms Mallon, Mr Middleton, Mr Nesbitt, Mr Newton, Mr Poots, Mr Robinson, Mr Stalford, Mr Stewart, Mr Storey, Mr Swann, Mr Weir, Mr Wells

Those who voted against the motion:

Dr Aiken, Ms Anderson, Dr Archibald, Ms Armstrong, Ms Bailey, Mr Blair, Mr Boylan, Ms Bradshaw, Mr Carroll, Mr Dickson, Ms Dillon, Ms Dolan, Ms Ennis, Ms Flynn, Mr Gildernew, Ms Hargey, Mr Kearney, Ms C Kelly, Mr G Kelly, Ms Kimmins, Mrs Long, Mr Lunn, Mr Lynch, Mr McAleer, Mr McCann, Mr McGuigan, Mr McHugh, Ms McLaughlin, Mr Muir, Ms Mullan, Mr Murphy, Ms Ní Chuilín, Mr O'Dowd, Mrs O'Neill, Mr O'Toole, Ms Rogan, Mr Sheehan, Ms Sheerin, Ms Sugden, Miss Woods

What hap­pens next?

The result of the vote on the motion does not mean the law in Northern Ireland will change. But it does increase the pressure on MPs and Peers at Westminster who will shortly be voting on The Abortion (Northern Ireland) Regulations 2020.

Please pray MPs and Peers will reject the regulations and do contact your MP and ask them to do all they can to persuade colleagues at Westminster to reject the UK Government's extreme abortion regulations for Northern Ireland.

Thank you for stand­ing with us in this matter

Thank you to all of you who took the time to contact your MLAs about this motion. And thanks too to the DUP for putting this motion down and for all MLAs who spoke out and voted in favour of life.

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