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CARE: make gambling industry pay more for treatment of gambling related harms

30 March 2021
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A mandatory levy on gambling companies should be introduced to help fund independent research and treatment of gambling related harms, CARE has said.

In a joint statement, signed by the Church of England, Evangelical Alliance and others, CARE also called for gambling advertising to be 'dramatically reduced' or banned altogether.

The recent change which means 16-17 year olds will be banned from playing the National Lottery should be extended to all Lottery products.

Gov­ern­ment review

The UK Government is currently consulting on its review into the 2005 Gambling Act.

It is strongly hoped and expected that the review will pave the way of meaningful reforms that prioritise protecting vulnerable people from gambling related harms.

Research shows that addiction to gambling can cause family and relationship breakdown, job and financial loss and tragically, can also lead to suicide.

Commenting, CARE's James Mildred said:

"Gambling related harms not only damages individuals, but entire communities. The existing laws are out of date. With growing awareness of the issue, the Government's review should lead to laws that prioritise protecting the most vulnerable from harm."
James Mildred CARE

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While for some, gambling is just harmless fun, for a significant minority it causes genuine devastation. Our vision is to see laws passed that will help protect vulnerable problem gamblers.

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