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Mum of baby with Down’s syndrome joins campaign to end abortion up to birth for serious disabilities

26 May 2020
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A mother who’s son has Down’s syndrome has joined the campaign to end abortion for serious disabilities up to birth.

At the moment, abortions can take place in the first 24 weeks of a pregnancy in most cases. Two doctors must approve the request.

After 24 weeks, a woman can still have an abortion if her life is at risk, or if there’s a serious disability and this has been interpreted to include Down’s syndrome.

It’s assumed you’ll abort a baby with Down’s syndrome

Downs syndrome
Babies with Down's syndrome are often aborted

Maria Lea-Wilson told Sky News that she was ‘encouraged in hospital to abort’ and she felt the assumption was ‘that you would want to abort a child with Down’s syndrome.”

But, Mrs Lea-Wilson said she ‘can’t imagine life’ without her 11-month year old son. She wants babies with Down’s syndrome to have ‘equal rights’.

She said:

"He's had some challenges and done so well so we're just really proud of him... I have two sons and I love and value them equally and I think it just seems really wrong that the law doesn't value them equally and we want to change that,"
Maria Lea-Wilson

She also went on to say

"It is really tough to think back on that, I find it really difficult to think that Aidan's life isn't seen as valuable as his older brother's, it makes me worry as to whether he'll be seen the same or treated the same. I also really worry that when he's older if this law is still in place, how will that make him feel: that he's not as valuable, that he doesn't have equal worth?"
Maria Lea-Wilson

Cur­rent law is down­right discrimination

Heidi cropped u W Ej NNC
Down's syndrome campaigner Heidi Crowter (left) said law currently makes her feel like she shouldn't exist

Maire Lea-Wilson is joining up with Down’s syndrome campaigner Heidi Crowter to sue the Government over the existing law.

Miss Crowter has said:

"We are all equally valued and I am someone who has Down's syndrome and it makes me feel upset, rejected by society and looked down on. It makes me feel like I shouldn't exist in this world.
Heidi Crowter

Legal papers in this landmark case will be lodged next week and then a judge will decide if the case can proceed to trial.

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