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BBC show highlights women are not fully informed before their abortion

2 July 2019

Today a panel discussed the issue of abortion on the BBC Victoria Derbyshire programme and shockingly, a number of guests revealed they were not fully informed about what an abortion actually involved.

“I know I wasn’t well informed”

Among the group of campaigners and doctors were several women who had undergone abortions, including Laura Mann, who bravely spoke out about the many years of grief she went through following her procedure.

“In hindsight, I know that I wasn’t well informed in making that decision at the time. So when I came out of Marie Stopes clinic in Brixton, the first thing that went through my mind was, where is my baby, what’s happened to the body of my baby?... The nurse said to me “you silly girl, don’t you know what you’ve done?”…I questioned months after months…nightmares and cold sweats…what happened to this baby’s body?

“I remember just seeing one GP…when I went in to the room to discuss that I am pregnant, the first option I was given was abortion…I was so afraid, so confused, I had no clue what to do. All the voices around me at the time were telling me I couldn’t do it…So I felt so much pressure. I felt ok within myself to go in for the abortion, but when I left that clinic that was the beginning of my nightmare…"



In any pregnancy, both the woman and preborn baby have inherent value and dignity, by virtue of being made in the image of God. CARE is passionately pro-woman and pro-life.

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