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The Telegraph highlights CARE's polling

Online Safety
17 August 2018
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The vast majority of MPs do not think it is right that the Digital Economy Act makes non-photographic child sex abuse images available online, after age verification.

ComRes polling conduced on behalf of CARE shows 71 per cent of MPs are not happy with this accommodation of animated child sex abuse images and that number jumps to 76 per cent of female MPs.

Only five per cent of MPs disagreed.

The polling has been published in the Telegraph in an article by Baroness Howe, a long-time campaigner on online safety.

The Telegraph have also written their own news story on CARE's polling.

You can read both articles here:

Why is the Government going to so much trouble to ensure adults can access violent pornography? Baroness Howe

Animated child-porn loophole must be closed, says Baroness Howe

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Online Safety

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