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We're currently running a number of campaigns across the United Kingdom, from helping you respond to important consultations, to equipping you to email your MP on life and death matters.

CARE is active across the UK at the various parliaments and assembly. To help you stand with us, we're broken down the different ask's we're currently making so you can decide which ones you can help with.

We are so grateful for your support in this way. As Christians, responding to consultations and engaging with our elected representatives is one of the best ways we can be 'salt and light' in our culture.

If you live in England

Ask your MP to put pressure on the Government to introduce age verification to online, pornographic websites as approved by MPs and Peers.

Please email your MP about assisted suicide - pressure is growing and it's crucial MPs hear the powerful arguments against changing the current law

Head to the Free for Good website and use the email function to contact your MP about support for human trafficking victims

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Your donation to CARE enables us to continue to work towards a culture and society reflecting a better story for everyone.

We only ask you to consider giving to CARE after you have considered the needs of your family and church.

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& society reflecting a better story for everyone.

At the heart of all of CARE’s work is our determination to uphold the truth that human beings made in God’s image are immensely valuable and deserve to be treated with dignity and compassion.

We want to show a better story for our culture and society, and we want to be part of shaping that in structures that we are given as citizens in the UK…

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